is a first of its kind decentralized mining protocol which brings Bitcoin and Ethereum hashrate to the Binance Smart Chain, combining it with further DeFi applications

Do you want to mine, or farm crypto assets? Perhaps both? No problem! At icarus.finance, you choose"
There are numerous obstacles to participation in mining, which are harder felt across the world due to geographical and economic factors. Such impediments include the need for hardware and optimizing, electricity costs, exit options, procurement, etc.

As you've probably noticed, the Cryptocurrency world moves at a faster pace than the real world. It's open 24/7, with a lot of new information flooding the market, and this can sometimes be overwhelming.

Timing is of the essence if you plan to maximize the value of your assets, therefore your sources of information should be equally reliable and ready at your fingertips.

To this end, we aim to have a live feed of data of the assets, including graphic visuals and other important statistics, all in one page to save you the trouble of researching this manually and in different locations.

We got you covered!

How to start mining

The first step is to have your wallet ready and set up on the Binance Smart Chain, we recommend Metamask for this, but that’s not to say other wallets won’t work, they will!

Once that’s done, the next step is to decide what asset you want to mine, and how much you want to invest. Icarus currently offers 2 assets to mine, Ethereum and Bitcoin, and we’re also the first project to offer this flexibility to users, while retaining some of the highest mining yields in the industry. In order to start mining, you need to purchase our Hashrate token(s).

If you want to mine Ethereum, you will want to buy and stake our $ZETH token.

If you want to mine Bitcoin, you will want to buy and stake our $ZBTC token.

To actually buy the hashrate token, simply go on our dApp, and press “Buy [$ZETH and/or $ZBTC]. You will be redirected to the correct location to purchase the token, simply follow the steps and complete the the purchase.

Now that you have your hashrate token in your wallet, you’re ready to start mining! The next course of action is to actually stake your $ZETH / $ZBTC in our dApp and voilá, you’re now mining $Ethereum / $Bitcoin!

In order to stake your hashrate token, hop back to https://app.icarus.finance/mine , and find the $ZETH / $ZBTC pool. You will need to approve that pool first in your wallet, then select “Stake” in the pool, and stake however many hashrate tokens you’ve purchased. Confirm that transaction in your wallet and you’re done!

Congratulations, you will now start earning not only $Eth / $BTCB, but also $ICA as rewards! You will find your earnings on the dApp itself, under the “Mined” section.